Ain’t remote workers got time for the metaverse

  1. Paul just traveled to Barcelona but didn’t know anyone in that city. So he makes a plan to join communities, join Whatsapp groups, introduce himself and take the initiative to either suggest where to hang out or join other people who would take the initiative.
  2. Paul creates a good circle of friends, but now he has to make new ones because he’s traveling to Budapest.
  3. Paul travels to Budapest and goes through step 1. He decides that he really enjoys Budapest. He’s made a good circle of friends. However, 50% of the good friends he made are moving somewhere else. Paul realizes that he hasn’t made great connections with the other 50% and decides to leave.
  4. Paul again has to take step 1. However, he’s getting tired of this. So he decides to go back home for a little while. He hangs out with his local friends and cousins, but something is missing. None of his family or friends understand the value of remote work, location independence, and financial freedom. So he decides not to stay too long and starts traveling again.
  5. Paul again has to take step 1 but decides to go to the most serendipitous place. Why the most serendipitous? Because it’s easier to meet people without having to take much initiative. So he decides to go to Lisbon this time and play it safe.
  6. Paul is now happy; he’s made a great circle of friends who understand his lifestyle and are not moving too often. He’s able to establish great connections, and he’s able to talk about financial freedom, blockchain, and web3 freely and occasionally meet people that could potentially become investors in his idea.




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Alexander E. Alvarado

Alexander E. Alvarado

Co-founder of

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