How to go from idea to beta mobile app in 3 months

  1. Make sure your idea is clearly designed in your head and on scrap paper
  2. Get Adobe XD or whatever other software
  1. Remember those repeatable items in Adobe XD? Alright, now make them Ionic components in Angular. Ionic has already predefined components, so no need to remake the wheel.
  2. Remember all those pages in Adobe XD? Alright, now make them pages in Angular
  3. Call components and pages in Angular with the same names defined in Adobe XD, so that you don’t get confused
  4. Remember those actions you defined in Adobe XD? Now make them API requests
  5. If you use Camera, Push Notifications, Social Login, you’ll have to check that you’re using the right native components.
  6. If the app will have a login, you’ll have to spend a good amount of time understanding authentication and how it will work in the front-end
  7. Really dive in front-end and get all those ideas built
  8. For faster deployment use Ionic Appflow. Every time you’ll do a Git push to your repository you can create a web preview of your app online. You can start showing this to your users.
  1. You really have to make sure your concept will not change drastically.
  2. Define your database, primary keys, foreign keys.
  3. Implement the right authentication system based on your framework. In our case, it’s called Laravel Passport.
  4. Build your APIs in the backend, define what’s gonna happen in each API.
  5. Make sure the front-end is satisfying your backend API requests.
  6. If your front-end is not ready yet, just use Postman to test your APIs.
  7. Start an AWS EC2 server so that you can host your backend in the cloud.
  8. For faster deployment, we’re using Laravel Forge. It takes 10 mins to link it to your Gitlab account and to integrate it with your AWS server.
  1. Xcode has couple steps to learn. Understand the flow with development and distribution.




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Alexander E. Alvarado

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